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Bob Harper made this Freedom of Information request to Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (Northern Ireland)

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The request was successful.

Dear DARD,

Please provide me with:
A. The number of staff posts; and,
B. The current and capital expenditure budgets for 2015/16,

for each of:
A. The Department as a whole; and,
B. The Rivers Agency

By staff posts I mean full complement of staff, whether or not a position is filled. If this information is not available could I get the Full-Time Equivalent number instead?

Yours faithfully,
Bob Harper

Donnelly, Christine F.,

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Mr Harper

Please see attached acknowledgement for your recent FOI request


Christine F Donnelly
DARD DHR Business Support

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DARD FOI 2016 0039 Ack Letter

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Donnelly, Christine F.,

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Mr Harper

Please find attached response with regards to your recent FOI request


Christine F Donnelly
DARD DHR Business Services

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Record Number : DA1/16/111992
Title : FOI 2016-0039 Response letter

Dear Christine,

My sincere thanks for this.

Kind regards,
Bob Harper