Departmental FoI Performance

The request was successful.

Dear Department of Health (Northern Ireland),

Please provide information relating to Freedom of Information requests as follows:
1. How many requests did the Department receive in the period from 1 April 2019 to 13 January 2020?
2. How many were responded to within the legal time limit as set out in statute?
3. How many were not responded to within the legal time limit as set out in statute?
4. Bearing in mind that all of the requests from the above period should have been concluded by now how many remain unanswered?
5. Of the unanswered requests (4 above), please provide details of how many working days each requests has been open together with the reason for the failure to respond within the time allowed by statute?

In addition please provide copies of both Departmental Freedom of Information Training Materials and Staff Guidance Materials.

Please acknowledge receipt of this communication.

Yours faithfully,

Ed Robb

McCann, John (DOH), Department of Health (Northern Ireland)

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We have received your Freedom of Information request and I attach your
acknowledgement letter and a Public Information Leaflet.

John McCann
Information Management Branch
Department of Health
Tel: 02890 528218

John McCann
Information Management Branch
Tel: 02890 528218

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Craig, Robert, Department of Health (Northern Ireland)

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Dear Mr Robb,


Please find attached the response to your recent request for information.


Kind regards





Robert Craig

Department of Health

Information Management Branch

Annexe 3

Castle Buildings




Telephone 02890523384