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Dear General Dental Council,

A registered dentist can practice all aspects of dentistry (including dental therapist work) but cannot call him/herself a dental therapist as this is a protected title under the Dentists Act. But many overseas qualified dentists who cleared ORE exams /Lds exams working under the title Hygienist ?therapist in many practices Mainly in corporate clinics and locum agencies, which prevent Hygienist and therapist getting Jobs. what action will GDC take against this dentist?who is using this title? Will GDC inform the Ore/ Lds passed Dentist that this title of therapist and hygienist is protected title?
Yours faithfully,


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Dear Titus,


Thank you for your email, which has been passed to me for a response.


The titles 'dental hygienist' and dental therapist' are reserved for those
who are registered as such on the GDC register. For that reason, if a
qualified dentist is registered as a dentist, they can perform the tasks
of a dental hygienist or therapist, but they are not legally permitted to
use the title.


This applied to all registrants, regardless of the individual's route to
registration - whether they came on to the GDC register via a UK
qualification or by sitting the ORE. Therefore, just because a registrant
who came onto the register via the ORE , they would not be permitted,
legally, to use the title 'dental hygienist' or 'dental therapist' unless
they are registered as such.


If you are aware of individuals who are practising using a title that they
are not registered to use, then you can let us know - by filling in this
webform [1] - and
the GDC can look into the matter.


I am unable to tell you what action we would take, as each individual case
is considered based on its individual circumstances.


Kind regards,




Katherine McGirr

Policy Manager

General Dental Council




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If you have received this email in error please read on:

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