Dementia teaching and training delivered to medical students

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Dear University of Dundee,

I would like to know some specific details about the Dementia
Teaching and Training delivered to medical students, in your
Medical University.
Specifically, I would like to know the format, the time spent and
where the placements are. I would like the data pertaining to the
current(or if you do not have these statistics yet, then the most
recent) intake.

I would appreciate it if this data was available in Word excel sheet, if possible.

Yours faithfully,

Juhi Sharma

FreedomOfInformation, University of Dundee

Dear Juhi,

Thank you for your request for information from the University of Dundee.
Colleagues in the School of Medicine have confirmed that dementia is
covered in many aspects of the medical education provided by the
University. However, it is considered specifically in the following parts
of the curriculum:

Year 1 - Principles Block - Dementia is in the 1st year lecture on mental
wellbeing (as an example of one of the conditions that psychiatrists

Year 3 - Psychiatry Block - Lectures:
Memory Problems: Anatomy
Memory Problems: Neurochemistry
Memory Problems: Definition
Memory Problems: Assessment and localisation of cognitive function -
lecture plus additional resources

Year 3 - Psychiatric genetics -­ Alzheimers is covered in this lecture

Year 3 - Tutorials (1hr):
Psychosis Tutorials
Substance Misuse / Memory Problems
Communication Skills (2hrs)
Recognising the early stages of dementia and differentiating this from
other causes

Year 3 - Locally developed learning videos:
Memory Clinic ­ History of presenting complaint
Memory Clinic ­ Physical symptoms
Memory Clinic ­ Mini mental state examination

Year 3 ­ Ageing - Dementia as included in problem-based learning seminars
and as part of the communications skills sessions

Year 3 - Transition Block 1 - Genetics of dementia lecture

Year 4 - Psychiatry Attachment - 4 weeks in Psychiatry
Normally students complete one week in old age psychiatry as a component
of this attachment. The attachment includes meeting patients in the
dementia ward, observing dementia ward rounds, sitting in on memory
clinics and some home/care home visits to patients with dementia.

Years 4 and 5 - Clinical placements in primary and secondary care settings
Students will meet patients with dementia throughout these placements as
part of their learning.

I trust that this information is helpful. Please let me know if I can be
of further help.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Bell
Records Management and
Information Compliance Officer


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