Deletion of records from the GSI (Government Secure Intranet)

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To Ministry of Justice

Freedom of Information request - Deletion of records from GSI (Government Secure Intranet)

Please could you provide the following information about the Government Secure Intranet (GSI)?

Secure retention of information and correspondence held by the Probation Service is essential for management of risk and public safety and I ask the following with specific reference to the Probation Service, as I am a former Probation Officer on Merseyside.

1. Is it technically possible for information ever to be deleted without trace from the GSI?

2. Which postholders have access to delete any item from the GSI?

3. Is this a local matter or would deletion require authorisation by a more senior postholder, and if so, who would this be?

4. How many times has permission to delete records been granted or refused, and on what grounds, with particular reference to the National Probation Service?

5. How many records referring to the Probation Service, and of what type (eg emails or risk assessments or reports), have ever been requested or authorised for deletion, and what is the protocol for decision-making?

6. In the event of an enquiry, private or public, would there be a clear audit trail of who has made a request for deletion and/or authorised any deletion of information from the GSI?

7. Please state for each region of the UK, how many victims have there been of Further Serious Offences (FSOs) of a violent and/or sexual nature, committed by those subject to Probation, since privatisation in the Probation Service?

8. How does the number of Further Serious Offences since privatisation compare to the statistics for pre-privatisation?

Thank you
Michelle Sweeney

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