Dear St John’s College, Cambridge,
I am requesting information about :

1.Deferred applicants to the college and your guide lines regarding the process.
2. Does the restrictions on the number of offers per year apply to deferred applicants.
3. What the process of deferred application is, can students mention in in the SAQ rather than their ucas application. much flexibility is there after an offer to request a deferred entry or the other way around
From here on my request is specifically on deferred ENGINEERING applicants.

In the 2015/6 application cycle

How many applicants applied through deferred entry and how many got offers

Any information from the past 5 years on deferred applicants and the result of their application.
Please respond within 20 working days

Yours faithfully,

david solomon

Freedom of Information Officer, St John’s College, Cambridge

Dear Mr Solomon

Thank you for your Freedom of Information request concerning Deferred Applications. The answers to your questions are:

1. At St John’s College we are pretty neutral with regard to Gap years. We have no bias one way or the other and certainly no worries or objections over offering places to students wishing to take a gap year. What we do ask for is a firm commitment to a particular year of entry. It is very difficult to amend a year of entry after an offer has been made.

2. Yes for the actual year of admission.

3. Deferred application is exactly the same as standard entry applications – ie Year of entry is noted on the UCAS on-line form and the reasons for deferred entry can be mentioned on SAQ and/or UCAS Personal Statement

4. See point 1 above

In the 2015/6 application cycle

• During the last Admissions Round, we received 29 deferred entry applications and out of these 9 offers were made and included in the overall number, we received 5 deferred applications in Engineering.

• Figures from last 5 Admissions Rounds

2011 Admissions Round:
32 deferred entry applicants includes 5 deferred applicants in EG - 15 offers

2012 Admissions Round:
22 deferred entry applicants includes 4 deferred applicants in EG - 14 offers

2013 Admissions Round:
34 deferred entry applicants includes 3 deferred applicants in EG - 12 offers

2014 Admissions Round:
38 deferred entry applicants includes 2 deferred applicants in EG - 6 offers

2015 Admissions round:
29 deferred entry applicants includes 5 deferred applicants in EG - 9 offers

If you are dissatisfied with my response you may seek an internal review in writing setting out the grounds for review. It will be dealt with by a College Officer. Should you not be satisfied with the outcome of the review, you will have a right of appeal to the Information Commissioner by writing to him at Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF.

Yours sincerely
Angela McKenzie
St John's College
Registered Charity No: 1137428

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