Decision to charge tenants of student accommodation for Power Bills

The request was successful.

Dear University of Hull,

On Page 17, point 44, of The University of Hull 2010 Carbon Management Plan it states Power Bills will be made additional to rent (Taylor Court, The Lawns, Ferens Hall, Thwaite Hall).
Please can you provide me with details of when this will commence.
The reduction in rent to reflect the provision of energy no longer included.
How the figure for the reduction in rent was arrived at. What consultation with the student body occurred before this decision was taken.
Furthermore could you please provide me with the original document which outlined this proposal as a possibility as well as any subsequent documents you hold which either discuss the merits or negative consequences of this move, excluding the 2010 Carbon Management Plan.
Finally can you provide all relevant documents you hold which relate to the authorisation of this proposal.
Thank you very much

Yours faithfully,

Harry Raffal

Vicky Mays, University of Hull

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Dear Mr Raffal

I understand that you are meeting with our Energy Manager on Friday to continue discussions regarding this subject. In light of this I will not pursue your written request for further clarification.

Kind regards

Vicky Mays

I will be leaving the University on 26th November

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