Dec.2018 now. Any Plan to roll out 5G in UK?

Response to this request is delayed. By law, Home Office should normally have responded promptly and by (details)

Dear Home Office,

This is a request for information under the freedom of information act 2000.
Can you provide a reply to the following request kindly;
1.Has 5G been rolled out in any part of UK to date?
2.If in the affirmative, where in UK has it been rolled out?
3.If in the negative, are there plans to roll it out, when and where in UK?
4.If 5G is in the pipeline to be deployed if already not, has any risk assessment been done for populations health & safety, and of the environment from the radiation it will emit?
5.Which body carried out the assessment?
Where can I get a copy from?
6.Who authorises signs the dotted line for it to be implemented?

Yours faithfully,

Miss Shapla Begum

FOI Requests, Home Office

Miss Begum,

Thank you for contacting the Home Office with your request.

This has been assigned to a caseworker (case ref 51663). We will aim to send you a full response by 25/01/2019 which is twenty working days from the date we received your request.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,

P. Zebedee
FOI Requests
Home Office

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FOI Responses, Home Office

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Dear Miss Begum,


Please find attached response to your Freedom of Information request dated
22 December 2018.


Please note we are sending this to you by e-mail only.


Information Rights Team

Home Office

Third Floor, Peel Building

2 Marsham Street

London SW1P 4DF

e-mail: [1][email address]


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Dear Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) directly

You sent a reply to FOI made to Home office which stated doesn't hold the requested information.
On if 5G is to be rolled out in UK.
Please provide a reply to the request here, its a request of utmost importance to the public.
The reply should be made available publicly.
I don't see why you requested I make a direct contact with you for a reply in private.

Yours faithfully,

Miss Shapla Begum

FOI Responses, Home Office

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Dear Miss Begum


Please find response to your Internal Review attached.


Kind regards


Home Office


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