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brian ovens made this Freedom of Information request to East Dunbartonshire Council

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The request was partially successful.

Dear East Dunbartonshire Council,

I would like the following information through the Freedom Of
Information Act..........

1. Can I have a full list of Debt Collection Agencies who are
employed or used to collect Debt for East Dunbartonshire Council?

2.Can you tell me how they got the
contract to collect debt?

3. Did they tender for this contract?

4. How many times has the debt collectors be asked to (on behalf of
Council) to collect debt owed?

5. How many times have they been successful in collecting debt in
the cases where they were asked to do so?

6. Who own's the company?

7. Can I have a full list of Directors?

8. When the debt collectors are given notice to collect a debt, are
shown the full details of the case? i.e What the debt is for etc.

9. Does the Council have to witness a warrant being signed by Law?

10. Once the debt has been passed to the Debt collection agency,
how much does the agency keep? For example, let's say the debt is
for £1000, what goes back to the Council and what is kept by the
debt collection agency?

11. Is this debt taxed in any way after it is collected?

12. Does the debt collection agency 'buy' the debt from the
council... and if it
does, is it all debt or some?

13. They have 'sheriffs officers' on their staff, *no dispute* but
is it lawful for them to use this title when collecting debt? (it
give the impression they are acting for a

14. Under contract law, who gave them agreement to act as a third
party to collect said debt. ( A contract is between two agreed
parties -
unless otherwise agreed)

Yours faithfully,

Brian Ovens

East Dunbartonshire Council

Thank you for you Freedom of Information request.

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578 8057.

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Dear East Dunbartonshire Council,
I was wondering if you had my information yet? Thanks.

Yours faithfully,

brian ovens

East Dunbartonshire Council

1 Attachment

Dear Mr Ovens,

Please find attached, information as per your recent FOI Request which I
hope will be of assistance.

(See attached file: F.O.I. Debt Collection Agencies_011111.doc)

Linda Harris
Admin Officer
pp Janice Peebles
Revenues & Benefits
East Dunbartonshire Council

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Stephen Armstrong
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[East Dunbartonshire Council request email]

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Catherine Murphy left an annotation ()

Interesting to follow up on ypur FOI with further data on . enforcement notices Served by council !!!
I would keep pushing for further clarification ..
Very interesting
Thank you