Debt Collection Companies Used by DVLA

Graham Payne made this Freedom of Information request to Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

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From: Graham Payne

Dear Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency,

I understand that DVLA contracts with Debt Collection Companies
(DCCs) to recover civil debts (e.g. Penalty Notice etc).

1)Please provide for ALL DCCs that have been used by DVLA since
2006 to recover civil debt and any Company to whom DVLA has sold
civil debt:
a)The Company name
b)The Company registered address
c)The Company registration number
d)Any trading style used by a Company to carry out debt collection
services for the DVLA

2) Please provide the name of all DCCs which are currently used by
DVLA to recover civil debt.

3) Please provide the name of all DCCs that DVLA has previously
used but has now ceased to use to recover civil debt since 2006.

4)Please provide the name of all DCCs and other Companies that DVLA
has sold civil debt to.

5)Please advise the reason why, in EACH case for DCCs in 3 above,
the DVLA ceased to use the particular DCCs to recover civil debt

6)Please advise for EACH DCC in 1 above the fee payable by DVLA to
the DCC for a successful debt recovery, expressed either:
a) as a percentage of the debt value,
b) as the contracted fee scale for the value of debt recovered
whichever is appropriate.

7)Please provide:
a) The number of cases referred by DVLA for civil debt recovery to
EACH Company in 1 above
b) The total value of debt referred by DVLA for civil debt recovery
to EACH Company in 1 above
c) The value of civil debt recovered or debt sale proceeds for DVLA
by EACH Company in 1 above

8) Please provide the number of complaints about the conduct either
received directly by DVLA or which have been addressed to another
Government Dept, Regulatory Agency, HMCS, MP or Com sumer
Organisation and have been notified to DVLA, or of which DVLA has
become aware of by other means, for each Company in 1 above.

9) Please advise if DVLA has decided to cease trading with or
rescinded any contract with any Company in 1 above as a result of
any complaint specified in 8 above.

10) Please advise what policies and monitoring procedures that DVLA
has in place to ensure that the selection by DVLA of any DCC cannot
be improperly influenced by any Board, Executive, Officer, or staff
member of DVLA or any other person who has a personal or financial
interest (including but not limited to directorship, employment,
consultancy, agency, significant share holding, close personal
relationship with any director or major shareholder) in a DCC.

Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Graham Payne

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From: CR Customer Service
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Dear Mr Payne

Thank you for your email of 8 June 2010 addressed to the DVLA.

The information you have requested will be reviewed under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (FOIA) and you will receive a response within the statutory 20 working days from the date of receipt. We will endeavour to respond to your request prior to the 20 working days.

Yours sincerely

(sent unsigned by email)

Freedom of Information Champion
Enforcement Directorate

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From: CR Customer Service
Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

Attachment Payne Final reply 05.07.10.pdf
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Attachment FOIR 1988 10 Payne.Annex A.s43 2 Public Interest Test.pdf
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Attachment FOIR 1988 10 Annex B DVLA Complaints Procedure.pdf
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Dear Mr Payne,

Please find attached the reply for the above.


Jonathan Brown
CR Customer Service

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