Deaths of people Under Serenity Integrated Mentoring

Hattie made this Freedom of Information request to Coroner for West Yorkshire (Western)
This authority is not subject to FOI law, so is not legally obliged to respond (details).

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The request was refused by Coroner for West Yorkshire (Western).

Dear Coroner for West Yorkshire (Western),

In 2016, Sgt. Paul Jennings was awarded an NHS Innovation Accelerator (NIA) Fellowship to develop his pilot intervention targeting people who use mental health services, and are deemed “high intensity users” of emergency services. This intervention, originally known as the Integrated Recovery Programme, became known as Serenity Integrated Mentoring (SIM) and involved the establishment of the High Intensity Network (HIN). After being awarded a NIA Fellowship, SIM was adopted by the Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) in 2018 for national implementation across NHS England at pace and scale.

For the purposes of this FOI, please substitute SIM wherever it appears with alternative local service names. For clarity, SIM and HIN services and interventions are those that target people who use mental health services, who are also deemed “high intensity users” of services, and include at least one of the following components:-

Are delivered by or with a police officer.

Involve restricting or placing a limit on the contact a person can have with services (police, A&E, mental health services, ambulance). This may involve the development of a written document, known as a ‘Response Plan’, ‘Behaviour Management Plan’ or may be called something else in your organisation.

Involve withholding contact, assessment and / or treatment by services (police, A&E, mental health services, ambulance). Again this may involve the development of a written document.

My FOI request is as follows:-

Please provide in electronic format any and all information (including related documentation or other supporting data that is eligible for disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act) held relating to the following:

1)Any and all correspondence (including letters, emails, meeting minutes etc) related to SIM and/or HIN.

2)The number of deaths of people who had been under a SIM-like service (at the time of death or previously).

Please do get in touch if you require any clarification, or if you anticipate the work involved will exceed the allocated hours.

Yours faithfully,

Hattie Porter

Linda Cahill, Coroner for West Yorkshire (Western)

Good morning

Thank you for your email. I am afraid that our current database does not provide the facility to search for this information and we are therefore unable to help.

I would also point out that Coroners are not designated as public authorities under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 and therefore our records are not subject to the information access regime of this Act.

Kind Regards


Linda Cahill
Case Management Officer
HM Coroner’s Office Bradford

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Department of Corporate Services
City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council

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