Deaths attributed to Corona virus during current Pandemic by profession

Lee Odams made this Freedom of Information request to Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency

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Dear Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency,

Please can you provide me with Corona virus deaths recorded during this current
Pandemic recorded in Northern Ireland by job sector, profession. I would like this listed in a flow chart on excel if possible. Date range 09th march 2020 to 10th January 2021.

Yours faithfully,

Lee Odams

Good morning,


The Department of Finance acknowledges receipt of your request for
information - your reference number is DOF/2021-0015


Please be aware that you may experience delays when making information
rights requests during the current covid-19 pandemic. This is because
resources may have to be diverted away from usual compliance or
information rights work.


A link to the Departments Information Access Requests Privacy Notice is
provided below.




Pamela Bannon







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Mr Odams


The response to your FOI request is attached.




Pamela Bannon