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Mr Young made this Freedom of Information request to General Register Office

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The request was partially successful.

Dear General Register Office,

Our parents were under Duress of a fine if they did not as acting powers of attorney register our "Legal Fiction" by means of a Birth Certificate. (contract law v common law)

As first point of contact into "YOUR SOCIETY"-with the individual Registered on birth certificate would legally point to the fact that the birth certificate contractually binds them to "YOUR SOCIETY"

At birth we were not able to give consent and therefore when able to give consent wish to discuss the matter.

The contract under duress imposed unfair terms making the contract void-able unless there is implied consent by both parties to continue or renegotiate terms of the contract.

Therefore who we need to contact to:-

Possibly renegotiate the void-able contract.

De register

Possibly Inform of the void contact and advise them that we are leaving your society and are part of a separate society operating on common law.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Young

Hughes Selwyn,

Dear Mr Young,

Thank you for your recent email.

The registration of a birth does not involve a "contract", and such
registration does not "contractually bind the individual to your society".
A registration is a simple record that an event has taken place (ie a
birth), and as such it is not possible to "de-register". As indicated,
there is no contract to void or renegotiate.

Yours sincerely,

Selwyn Hughes
Communications Manager
Identity and Passport Service | General Register Office | Communications
and Business Support | Room 109 Smedley Hydro | Trafalgar Road | Southport
| PR8 2HH

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Dear Hughes Selwyn,
"The registration of a birth does not involve a "contract", and such
registration does not "contractually bind the individual to your society".
A registration is a simple record that an event has taken place (ie a
birth), and as such it is not possible to "de-register". As indicated,
there is no contract to void or renegotiate."

You have been reasoned in your reply,how would an unregistered birth be-would the person be stateless?

I was under the impression that a birth certificate gave:-
Identity and Formal recognition of being a member of uk society.

Can you therefore point me in the direction of who one would contact with regards to persons not having a birth certificate and being "stateless"

Statute law is by consent of the governed-Removal of consent would mean that person would still be under common law.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Young

Debra left an annotation ()

just some info that might help;
1. ask for a certified copy of the Form your parents filled out & signed with the court stamps on it (here in Australia it is called a Form of Information of Birth) & they have 2 records of this, one without the stamps on it & one with them... they will not tell you, you have to KNOW & ASK the right questions to get the right answers.
2. You are NOT MR Young, you never have been... check your Birth Certificate - by using a Title such as Mr, Mrs etc you are stating your RANK in the Military - check your Government's STYLE MANUAL,
3. the Birth Certificate has a hidden part to it which was never fully disclosed to our parents - that part made the PERSON & it was never collected & then considered "abandoned", so they have "taken care of the Person" & his/her Estate (cestui que trust) ever since as good Trustees.
4. You do not de-register, you CLAIM it and since you are in UK google "Form 206 Evidence of Life" & follow the BIBLE, it is your CODE Book.
Good luck

Gary of the Testo family left an annotation ()

Mr Young, instead of referring to "contracts" ask whether the "event" they refer to pertains to "the result of a settlement", perhaps under "the settled lands act".

Whilst they used threat of fine to compel your parents to enter into this trust arrangement on your behalf, thus selling you into a state of fee simple fraud and slavery, they will not admit this due to the " secret feoffments" you've been subjected to.

Those feoffments (posh legal term for "gift" and gifts are "freely given without expectation or consideration", whereas " contracts" involve an "exchange of consideration".) involving YOUR conveyence (transfer) of your rights and title to the "land" you were born on (conferring jurisdiction to the sovereign) and the feoffment of "Mr Young" to you to "use", for a fee, which they have to get you (or your parents) to " accept" tacitly or otherwise to give any "claimed legitimacy" to this fraudulent fee simple scheme they've got going.

Until you are "deforced" they will claim you have "accepted" this situation and you will be treated as a dead corporate entity "subject-ed" to the tyranny of the executive misusing parliaments democratic credentials for its own destructive purposes (see Halsburys on Administrative law 2011) and "charging" you as a "fee simple subject" in order to lease back to you your own property, land and rights.

Hopefully you will glean more (at least some points of reference) from this comment by a care worker than from the almighty registrar general, presently employed to be a curtain by a manipulative old wizard.

P Newton left an annotation ()

Gary of the Tetso family is of course correct. The original settlement of being birthed as opposed to born harks back to the tyrannous King Henry VIII who reintroduced the Roman concept of Custos Rotolurum and then from the the early 19th century, the first registration act (play). Everyone being born has the natural rights to life, liberty and land.,..this however has been undermined through uses and trusts in fee simple to life, liberty and “property”. The Birth Certificate is evidence of a settlement and a title....where there is title, there is a trust and with a trust comes a trustee....the Monarch who has gotten away with crimes of conversion and breaches of trust on a scale you could not begin to consider! Such was the plan by the Bilderberg Group from 1954 and specifically in 1979.