Daywise/Batchwise success rate for 11+ exam 2021 entrance exam for Slough Consortium.

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Dear University of Cambridge,

This year due to the pandemic situation, the 11+ exams for entry into Year 7 in year 2021 for Slough consortium grammar schools, were held over the period of number of days. In my view, this gave undue advantage to kids who appeared from Day 2 onwards, as there were synonyms / antonyms words floating around in social media and also the format of the question paper and hence kids appearing from Day 2 onwards were bit more prepared than the kids who appeared on Day 1.

I know that CEM will not admit it but this is a huge failure on part of such a reputed organisation which tests knowledge of kids, but which showed ignorance on their part in foreseeing this scenario, which gives undue advantage to some children. It could have been planned better by either having multiple sets of question paper rather than using same question paper over number of days and if this was not possible, then at least by calculating the weighted score daywise rather than merging the data and then calculating the weighted score.

I am disappointed because the kids who have put in their heart and soul to prepare for this test, have missed out by couple of marks, because of factors beyond their control.

My request is very simple, I would like to know how many appeared each day and in each batch and how many of those got enough marks to qualify for admission to grammar school.

So data is the form of Day No / Batch No / Total kids who appeared for test on this day and batch / Total kids who qualified the test out of those.

Yours faithfully,
Sanjeev Gupta

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