Dawn Centre Accommodation Leicester - Must see condition !!!!

Mohsen made this Freedom of Information request to Leicester City Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Leicester City Council,

On 27/09/2018 I was referred to Dawn Centre the emergency accommodation for homeless people following my call to Leicester city council and outreach. upon my arrival the lady took a photo from me and directed me to the corridor with many beds in it and told me you can sleep here comfortably .the first problem I came across was that they put smokers and nonsmokers people together that is was impossible to some to breathe , the toilet were open into the corridor and the air was such polluted and contaminated that I am still having chest pain and infected by virus people smoked cigarette midnight at the toilets and brought other people down . I lost 60 pound from my backpack that I don’t know whether is stolen or not as I didn’t see any CCTV around. The were lots of noses and sound midnight that was impossible to sleep (sorry I am not drug addict so I could maybe to sleep). I talked to one of the member in there I was told I need to contact Council. As I am still homeless I believed the Leicester City Council doing discrimination to provide hostel for people. So I need some explanation about procedure and policy which by that shows the minimum standard is observed in this centre .
Many thanks.

Yours faithfully,


info-requests, Leicester City Council

Dear Mr Pavandi,


Thank you for your email of 5^th October in relation to the Dawn Centre.
We passed your request on to the service area and have been notified that
they have responded to you today ( 16/10/18).


We have been unable to respond to you on What Do They Know as your request
was specific to your own personal data and this is not the appropriate
platform for us to issue you with a  response.


We hope your issues have been resolved with the service area.


Yours Sincerely,


Information Governance and Risk

Leicester City Council

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