David Tisdall,s (My Solicitor ) Legal Papers . november 1994 - december 1995

k.g.s humphreys made this Freedom of Information request to Solicitors Regulation Authority

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k.g.s humphreys

Dear Solicitors Regulation Authority,

I would like to request David Tisdalls papers, He represented me for some years in respect to a flat sale in Hastings, and through Divorce Proceedings.
The papers that I am still missing concern the period between November 1994 through to December 1995.
I was represented by three Solicitors in regard to false accusations against me, and as a result of this did not see my Son, Alex, for twenty years.
The three Solicitors, were in chronological order, David Tisdall, Jane Wells, and David Quelch.
I have since learned that the papers passed to the possession of each Solicitor, in order, as they represented me.
I had asked the third Solicitor , David Quelch to provide me with the papers, and he agreed to this at the end of a High Court hearing in approximately 1999, he agreed to this. When the time came, He did produce some papers, but they only dealt with earlier issues before the false allegations. Because the first Solicitor, David Tisdall had some years previous to this, told the Office for the Supervision of Solicitors that He was unable to locate his papers, I had truly believed that He had lost them, and I thought this was why David Quelch could not locate them.
The last Solicitor to have the papers was David Quelch, later another Solicitor, David Burrows, was tasked to obtain the papers, instead of writing to David Quelch for the papers, He wrote to the first Solicitor, David Tisdall.
The firm who David Burrows worked for, Wannop & Fox, Chichester, never wrote to myself or my members of Parliament to explain this or to apologise , the firm have never given a feasible or believable explaination for their failures.

Yours faithfully,

Kevin Humphreys

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SRA Information Compliance, Solicitors Regulation Authority

Dear Mr Humphreys,

Thank you for your email.

The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) is not covered by the Freedom of Information Act (the FOIA), as it is not a designated authority, but has adopted its own voluntary Transparency Code that closely reflects the FOIA.

This is not a request we can address under our Transparency Code.

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Yours sincerely,

Jack Baraczewski
Information Governance Officer
Solicitors Regulation Authority
The Cube, Birmingham

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