Data Protection Officer & Data Subject Requests

Currently waiting for a response from Gwent Police, they should respond promptly and normally no later than (details).

Dear Gwent Police,

Please can you provide the answers and statistics for the following questions in relation to Data Subject Access Requests made to the organisation for each calendar year between the 1st January 2018 to 25th August 2020 inclusive

1. How many Data Subject Access Request have been made to the force broken down by;
a. Requests made by the Data Subject themselves
b. Request made by a third-party on behalf of the Data Subject

2. How many requests were rejected and the broad reasons for those rejections

3. How many requests were responded to in full or in part, and for each of these;
o Whether the response was within one, two, three or longer calendar months after the valid request was received;
and where responded to outside of one calendar month;
• Whether the requestor was notified within the first calendar month of the delay to the response
• The broad categories for the delay in responding within the first calendar month

4. How many requests excluded the provision of personal data held which was later used or otherwise disclosed to the Data Subject (or a representative) for another reason, for example in evidence.

In addition to the above, please could you provide details of;
• The Name, Job Title, and Rank and Badge Number (if applicable) of the individual holding the role of Data Protection Officer for the organisation;
• If that individual has any other duties, what (in general) those duties are.
• What “professional qualities and, in particular, expert knowledge of data protection law and practices” (if any) are held by that individual in accordance with Article 35(5) of the GDPR
• If DPO the role holder is a Shared Resource, which other organisations are served by that DPO.
• How many people you have working within your Data Protection Compliance team.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Kilby

FreedomOfInformation, Gwent Police

Rwy'n cydnabod bod y swyddfa hon wedi derbyn eich ymholiad.
Fel y nodwyd yn y Ddeddf Rhyddid Gwybodaeth ein nod fydd ymateb i'ch cais
o fewn 20 diwrnod gwaith. Fodd bynnag, mewn rhai achosion efallai na allwn
wneud hyn o fewn y terfyn amser. Os bydd hyn yn digwydd, cewch wybod pryd
rydych yn debygol o gael ymateb.
Efallai y bydd angen trosglwyddo rhai ceisiadau i Awdurdod arall er mwyn
ateb yr ymholiad. Unwaith eto, byddwn yn cysylltu â chi os bydd angen
gwneud hyn.
Os bydd gennych unrhyw gwestiynau ynglyn â'ch cais cysylltwch â ni.

I acknowledge receipt of your query received by this office.

As set out by the Freedom of Information Act it will be our aim to respond
to your request within 20 working days. In some cases, however, we may be
unable to achieve this deadline. If this occurs we will advise you of the
likely timescale within which the response will be provided.

Some requests may also require transference to another Authority in order
to answer the query. Again you will be contacted if this is required.

If you have any questions regarding your request please contact us.


Due to the unprecedented challenges Heddlu Gwent Police is facing during
the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic,  resources may be diverted away from
usual compliance or information rights work. This may mean that during
this extraordinary period, you may experience understandable delays when
making information rights requests during the pandemic. We will endeavour
to keep you informed during the course of your request.  Thank you for
your understanding.



Hawliau gwybodaeth a coronafeirws:


Oherwydd yr heriau digynsail mae Heddlu Gwent yn eu hwynebu yn ystod y
pandemig coronafeirws (COVID-19), mae’n bosibl y bydd adnoddau’n cael eu
dargyfeirio oddi wrth waith arferol yn y maes cydymffurfiaeth neu hawliau
gwybodaeth. Gall hyn olygu y byddwch yn profi oedi dealladwy yn ystod y
cyfnod eithriadol hwn pan fyddwch yn gwneud ceisiadau hawliau gwybodaeth.
Byddwn yn ymdrechu i roi’r newyddion diweddaraf i chi am eich cais. Diolch
am eich dealltwriaeth.