Data Protection Officer

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Dear Telford College,
Under the Freedom of Information Act please can you provide me the following information:

1) The job title of your Data Protection Officer
2) Please confirm if their role is full or part time and approximatley how many hours are dedicated solely to Data Protection activities
3) Please advise what other duties are included in their role alongside Data Protection
4) Do you have any additional staff with responsibility for data Protection e.g. deputy Data Protection Officer
5) How many students attend your College per year
6) How many campuses does your College operate over?

Yours faithfully,

Katie Evans

Stacey Malone (Staff), Telford College

Good morning Katie,

1) Systems Developer and Data Protection Officer
2) Full time - 50% Systems Development and 50% Data Protection
3) Working within the management information department within an education setting, developing and maintaining college data systems
4) Data controller - Director of Data and Performance
5) Approximately 7500 (onsite and offsite learners)
6) Single site

Kind regards,


Stacey Malone | Director of Data and Performance | Ext: 2316 | T: 01952 642316 | 

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