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Jonathan Mantle

Dear Department for Work and Pensions,

Please can you tell me how many times you have had to regsinter a Data Protection Breach with the ICO since 01/01/15 until time of writing?

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Mantle

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Dear Jonathan Mantle


Please find attached response to your FoI request.


Kind Regards


DWP Central FoI Team


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navartne left an annotation ()

Wow!, only 2 data 'incidents' (In DWP speak, data breaches are called 'Data incidents').

Annual Report says "In each case, we put in place further controls to reduce the risk of future incidents of this type. In both instances the Information Commissioner was satisfied with our response and took no action. "

"...We put in place further controls to reduce the risk of FUTURE INCIDENTS...". Sounds all too familiar and all too casual.

Actually, although self-reported breaches (incidents) may be as low as two, breaches reported by whistleblowers may be higher. See:

Also, what about any self-reported breaches by DWP external suppliers?, doesn't that need to be disclosed in the Annual report?. Seems very convenient not to.

For example, DWP could say "we are not aware of any self-reported breaches..sorry..'incidents' by any of our external suppliers", or "we are not responsible for any data incidents by our external suppliers"