Data on train service, compensation, punctuality and reliability

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Dear Department for Transport,

Can you share the following information with regards to the following train route:

Stations: Gloucester (GCR) and Stonehouse (SHU)

Train Time:
1. 0746 from Gloucester to Stonehouse
2. 1610 from Stonehouse to Gloucester
3. 1712 from Stonehouse to Gloucester

Period: Monday to Friday between 01-Jan-2018 to 18-Jun-2018 (both dates inclusive)

Q1 - How many of the trains for the period listed above were delayed by:
a. Less than 10 minutes
b. 10 - 30 minutes
c. 30 minutes - 1 hour
d. More than 1 hour

Please categorize your data by train time, month and by delay category. For example:
0746 train / Jan - N1 trains late by less than 10 minutes, N2 train late by 10-30 minutes, ...
0746 train / Feb - ...

Q2 - How many of the trains for the period listed above were cancelled?
Please categorize your data by train time and by month. For example:
0746 train - N1 cancelations in Jan, N2 cancelations in Feb, ...
1610 train - N3 cancelations in Jan, ...

Q3 - Are the train operators, for above trains, part of Delay Repay Scheme? If not, when will they (train operators) join Delay Repay Scheme?

Q4 - How much should be the delay on this route before a passenger is eligible for compensation? Also mention the published journey time on this route and compare with the delay threshold at which the passenger is eligible for compensation.

Q5 - For the 1610 train from Stonehouse to Gloucester on Friday, are there adequate seats available for the average number of passengers?
5a. Is a review done to ensure that every paying passenger has access to a seat?
5b. Can you share details of the last review done?
5c. If no review has been done, will you be initiating a review based on this request?

Q6 - On this route, what has been the cost of following tickets in the last 4 years:
6a. Single OFF-PEAK journey
6b. OFF-PEAK same day return
6c. Weekly season ticket
6d. Monthly season ticket

Q7 - For monthly season ticket passenger, what compensation is available if following two conditions are both simultaneously true:
7a. There has been multiple delays and cancellations AND;
7b. The passenger no longer needs to renew the monthly season ticket

Q8 - How much money/compensation did the Government or Network Rail give to the train operators for the above period due to infrastructure issues causing train service problems?

Yours faithfully,

R Sharma

Department for Transport

Dear R Sharma,

I am writing to acknowledge receipt of your request for information which
has been allocated reference number P0016180.

A response will be issued to you in due course.


Ivan Pocock
Department for Transport
FOI Advice Team
Digital Service
Zone D/04
Ashdown House
Sedlescombe Road North
St Leonards on Sea
East Sussex
TN37 7GA

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Dear R Sharma,


Please find attached a response to your Freedom of Information request.


Yours sincerely,



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