Dear Lincolnshire County Council,

I hope you are well.

I have recently joined Priory Adult Care, to help support LA to find placements for individuals who may have a diagnosed Learning Disability or Mental Health needs.

I am looking to find out who the Mental Health & Learning Disability Team Managers are, Supported Living Lead, MH & LD commissioners, as this will help us be able to support Local Authority's on finding appropriate placements for people in need.

I have also got a list of people who we have as working for yourselves some with job titles some without, are you able to advise on if the information is correct and if they are still employed with LCC or not, along with their role within LCC if it is relevant to us.

Edward Baker Adult LD Commissioner Strategic Lead for Supported Living
Edward Halliday social worker
Margaret Biddles social worker
Rebecca Neno Case Manager
Shelley Goodwin social worker
Steve Goddard social worker
Stuart Wright Contracts Officer
Glen Garrod Director Of Communities
Sue Pearce Senior Manager For Continuing Healthcare
Tony Skoyles Care Manager
Tracie Mackenzie Lead Practitioner
Trevor Young social worker
Jan Woods
Rob Van Duyn Team Co-Ordinator: Area Integrated Team
Jayne Thompson social worker
Jennifer Perrin social worker
Sally Farrelly social worker
Sally Flett social worker
Andrew Davies social worker
Andrew Palmer Care Manager
Andrew Wells Market Development Officer
Joanna Tubb Learning Disability Commissioner
Samantha Lee CPN
Samantha Shield Strategic Contract Manager
Sara Apps Learning Disabilities General Manager
Sarah Houlden Lpft Social Worker
Jonathan Carr Contract Manager
Jude Geraghty social worker
Carl Miller
Carol Fogg social worker
Kerry Pobereznuik Acute Ld Liaison Nurse
Kerry Wright Grantham Community Mental Health Team
Mary O'Sullivan Team Co-Ordinator: Area Integrated Team
Matthew Mckeown
Maureen Addison Care Manager
Chris Erskine
Nokuzola Tuntulwana Adult Social Worker
Lisa Lassmans Commissioning Manager - Individual Care
Paula Jelly Team Co-Ordinator: Area Integrated Team
Paula Williams Care Manager
Dawn Willey
Lyn Headland Ld Practitioner
Phil Thomson social worker
Rachael Armstrong Care Manager
Des Mclaughlin Rmhn
Rebecca Jessop Care Manager
Dave Harris Contract Manager - Strategic Lead Residential and Nursing
Susan Devenport Adult LD social worker
Linda Turnbull Senior Procurement and Commercial Officer - Adults
Richard Lee Adult Disability Social Worker
Lyra Moorby Adult Social Worker
Jack Buttery Adult Qualified Practitioner
Justin Hackney Assistant Director Specialist Adult Services
Lesley-Ann Sawyer Adult LD Case manager
Gina Jessop Social Worker
Bob Rowbottom Qualified Practitioner (RNLD)
Eilidh French Supported Living Tender team
Amy Pitts Social Worker
Alicia Cummings Adult MH social worker
Heather Lindley
Nat Smith Adult Social worker
Debbie Blake Care Manager
Stuart Munford-Gibbs LD Intake Team Social Worker/MH Practitioner
Nigel Hill Social Worker
Laura Opie-Robinson Social Worker
Laura Darnley Adult social worker, physical disability team
Rebecca Heading Adult LD social worker
Joanne Kelly Senior Contracts Officer
Karley Beck Senior procurement Manager
Laura Oborne Adult LD care manager
Tania Shaw Adult Community Care Officer
Alexander Craig
Natalie Smith Adult MH case manager
Sarah Penford Adult ld social worker
Jade Goulding Social Worker
Katie Broder Adult Case Manger
Kirsten Hart Adult Social Worker
Maria Lomax soial worker
Bob Rowbottom Qualified Practitioner (RNLD)
Dave Newton Care Manager
Denise Edwards Care Manager
Garry Mayle Team Leader
Jan Cambell Care Manager
Laura Pell Care Manager
Roz Needham Care Manager
Sharon Tunnicliffe Care Manager
Sheila Atkinson Care Manager
Steve Hamblin Care Manager
Victoria Woollen Care Manager
Victoria Wollen Care Manager
Laura Opie Care Manager
Lisa Davies Health Nurse
Livia Brown MH care manager
Louise McAllister Contracts Officer
Adele Marley Adult Social Worker
Kirsten Etherington Adult ld social worker
Andrea Pope Adult MH social worker
Alice Bramley MH case manager
Katie Brooks Social Worker
Victoria Taylor Practitioner
Shelley Carter Nurse Practitioner
Lauren Wesley Social Worker
Sheila Graves Adult MH Social Worker
Clare AShton Case Manager
Nokuzola Tuntulwana social worker
Esther Fernandez-Sanchis
Matthew Wilson Contracts Officer
Di Wellum Community Officer
Kirsty Twomey Case Manager
Tracey Burn Lead Practitioner
Ali Thaxter
Ruth Allen Practitioner
Mathew McSweeney
Charlotte Marsh
Sebi Augustine Social Worker. Section 75/LPFT.
George Kennedy Community Care Officer Level 2
Rhiannon Dolby Social Work Apprentice
Trevor Young Adult Case manager
Richard Ward Adult Case Manager
Annette Lumb Head Of Mh Planning & Delivery
Katy Carter CHC and LD Placements
Lisa Sharpe Commissioner
Kirk Virgil Bell Business Administrator Adult brokerage
Olivia Brister Assistant Practitioner
Richard Eccles Integrated Personalised Commissioning and Personal Health Budget Lead
Hello Generic CHC Team email
Charlotte Simpson Learning Disability Liaison Nurse Scunthorpe Hospital
Emma Watts LD Liaison/ Discharge Nurse - Grimsby Hospital
Hello Team email CHC Team
Lynne Popplewell Transforming care
Hello Team Email CHC Team
Chelcie Humberstone Business Support Administrator
Vicky Allen Contracts
Marie Kaempfe-Rice Senior Commercial and Procurement Officer
Samantha Campion Specialist Nurse CHC
Serdana Tajah Senior Practitioner
Suse Edwards Assistant Practitioner
Katie Errington Clinical Lead MH

Yours faithfully,

kelley clapton