Data and rights regarding stateless employees

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Dear Scottish Government,

Please provide the data for the following:

How many stateless/ self governing employees are employed in Scotland?

How many employers employ stateless / self governing employees?

Under natural law, and recognised in international law, everyone has the right to earn a living in any lawful way they so choose. There is no mention of it only applying to states who may grant "legal" permission thus transposing a right into a mere privilege. Therefore, what natural law prohibits an employer from employing a self governing/stateless employee?

Do employers have a right to employ self governing employees who do not identify as citizen or are stateless? If not, what natural law prohibits them from doing so?

What negative effects would befall an employer who employed a self governing/stateless employee and would these, if any, negative effects cause folk exercising their right to self determination and self governance to lose their employment thus violating the above rights and the right to earn a living in any lawful way they so choose and to life with dignity?

Can you provide data for the number of employers who have been fined or had some other negative effect upon their business due to employing self governing/ stateless employees?

Please note that this request concerns natural law as opposed to positive enactments as one is exercising their right to self determination and self governance and it is an extension of their right to conscience, religion and liberty.

Yours faithfully,

Gayle Miller
Sovereign Naturam Corpus

Scottish Government

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Dear Scottish Government,

The response to the FOI "data and rights regarding stateless /self governing employees" request is extremely worrying. As the Scottish government imbued with Scots sovereignty and as the highest authority in and over Scotland by virtue of said invested sovereign authority it is your job to know these laws and rights and to have the data available. This information,while it may be shared with the ENGLISH GOVERNMENT, is your responsibility to collate and know. Given your utter lack of knowledge with regards to both the law and data regarding your very own citizens and those within the territory of Scotland, I must conclude that the Scottish government is not fit for purpose and has no right to claim the Scots are sovereign.
As a result of your willingness to treat Scotland as a colony under English governance I now will have to seek the information from a foreign country's government.
Furthermore, to claim that there is no business need to know this information is patently wrong. Both stateless AND self governing employers and employees make up a percentage of your total employment figure which is used for economic purposes. Without this data you cannot give the citizens the facts regarding employment rates which has a knock on effect with other policies.
I also note that you failed to acknowledge the self governing aspect of the FOI and must conclude that the reason is that the only stipulation for data checks within the state of GB comes under student, immigration and refugee/asylum. There is no mention whatsoever of those who are self governing. As there is no legal bar, it therefore stands to reason that one who self governs as is their right under natural law can be employed without repercussion to the employer. I would say to correct me if I am wrong but you simply do not know the law regarding self governing employees as your response states.

Yours faithfully,

Gayle Miller