Daniel Morgan murder - 'hurdles placed in the path of the Panel' by Cressida Dick

J Roberts made this Freedom of Information request to Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

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Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) did not have the information requested.

Dear Metropolitan Police Service (MPS),

Paragraph 243 (page 1060) of The Report of the Daniel Morgan Independent Panel states:

'The Metropolitan Police’s lack of candour manifested itself in the hurdles placed in the path of the Panel, such as AC Cressida Dick’s initial refusal to recognise the necessity for the Panel to have access to HOLMES (the data system which provides safeguards for the integrity of investigations and also enables independent scrutiny to identify failures), as well as limiting access to the most sensitive information (which was not provided at the Panel’s secure premises and was only accessible at a location involving considerable travel time and precluding daily reference and crosschecking; see Chapter 11, for details). It can also be seen in the Metropolitan Police responses to the Panel’s ‘fairness process’ in December 2020.'


1. Please provide all information you hold related to the rationale behind Cressida Dick's initial refusal to recognise the necessity for the Panel to have access to HOLMES.

Yours faithfully,

J Roberts

Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

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J Roberts left an annotation ()

J Roberts left an annotation ()

David Allen Green interrogates the concept of 'institutional corruption' identified in the report concerning the murder of Daniel Morgan:

'The independent panel report on Daniel Morgan found that the Metropolitan police was – and is – institutionally corrupt.'


Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

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'Rose v The Chief Constable of the GMP [2021] EWHC 875 (Admin)' concerns how allegations of police corruption should be handled:


J Roberts left an annotation ()

Here is a Request entitled 'GMP corruption' some may be interested in:

hhttps://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/g... to search for the information you want.

The Request refers to this case:

Appeal No. UKEAT/0304/19/RN


'10. DI Aston’s team discovered that before arriving at Ashton-Under-Lyne police station on 19 September 2014 the arresting officer, PC Bullough, had been contacted and told not to take PS Pendlebury into the custody suite but to park outside and contact Inspector Donaldson. He did as he was instructed and waited in the police vehicle with PS Pendlebury outside the station. A little while later Inspector Donaldson arrived in the car park with a custody sergeant from Ashton-Under-Lyne police station. The custody sergeant informed PC Bullough that he was not authorising PS Pendlebury’s detention in custody and Inspector Donaldson told him that the matter was ‘best dealt with by way of summons’ and instructed him to de-arrest PS Pendlebury'. (page 4)

A police officer can resign if the misconduct charge they face is less than 'gross':

'18. The disciplinary proceedings fizzled out. CS Bruckshaw promptly resigned when the charges were downgraded (under the police rules an officer is not permitted to resign pending unresolved gross misconduct proceedings, but may do so when facing a lesser misconduct charge) which ended the disciplinary proceedings against him. Inspector Donaldson went off sick with stress and the proceedings were permanently stayed. CI Williams’ behaviour was found to be misconduct for which she was given ‘management advice.’ ‘Management action’ was taken in respect of ACC Shewan for not disciplining CS Bruckshaw over his email to the CPS about the prosecution of PS Pendlebury.' (page 7)

Cyclops on behalf of Alyson Parker, Metropolitan Police Service (MPS)

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Information Rights Unit
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Email: [1][the Met request email]




Your ref: 
Our ref: 01/FOI/21/020021


Date: 18/08/2021





Dear Mr Roberts


Freedom of Information Request Reference No: 01/FOI/21/020021


Please see the attached in respect of your Freedom of Information request
referenced above.


Yours sincerely



Alyson Parker

Information Manager





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J Roberts left an annotation ()

'To locate the information relevant to your request searches were conducted with the Inquiry and Review Support Command (IRSC). 

All documents held in relation to the Daniel Morgan Independent Inquiry that mentioned ‘HOLMES’ were located and reviewed and no information of relevance to your question 1 was located. 

Outside of the Act; please be advised that we do not believe there was “an initial refusal to recognise the necessity for the panel to access HOLMES”, and a review of the documents provided supports this.'