Cycle provision on the A34 in Hampshire and West Berkshire

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Dear Highways England Company Limited,

Please can I have information and correspondence relating to the mandatory cycle lane and other cycle provision on the A34 within the areas of Hampshire and West Berkshire.

Please can I have:

1. A map of the cycle infrastructure on this route, with the cycle infrastructure colour coded and notated.
2. Original timeline of the implementation of this route and date of opening.
3. Cost of the original implementation of the cycle infrastructure on this route, with the makeup of this figure detailed.
4. Yearly cost of upkeep of this cycle infrastructure per year for each year since implementation.
5. All details, documenation, and correspondence related to the upkeep of this cycle route, such as maintenance incidents raised.
6. The source of such funding for the implementation of this route and any relevant documentation related to obtaining this funding, such as any applications made for a grant or funding.
7. Any estimated frequencies of the use of this route by cyclists before it was implemented.
8. Current estimated and/or real frequency of the use of this route by cyclists.
9. All correspondence, digital and otherwise, between the council internally and with any external bodies or persons relating to the planning and implementation of this route.
10. Yearly maximum speeds by motor vehicles recorded at any point along this route, with year of recorded speed for the last five years.
11. All feedback collected from prospective or actual users of this infrastructure.
12. Number of recorded road traffic incidents or other such incidents involving injury, potential injury, or damage to property, involving cyclists on this route.

Please provide answers for questions 5, 9, and 11 in their own separate PDF documents. Please provide an answer to question 3 in a spreadsheet if this would be appropriate. Please provide answers to all other questions in PDF format.

If any question is unable to be answered or you consider to be exempt from the FOIA, please consider the rest of the request separately and do not hesitate to contact me for clarification on the individual question.

If any information is unable to be provided by the council, please can you point me to any relevant bodies you believe may hold such information.

Yours faithfully,

Jack Fifield

Highways England, Highways England Company Limited

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Dear Mr Fifield, 
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dated 29 June,  regarding your Freedom of Information request.
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