Dear Her Majesty’s Treasury,

There are reports that further cuts to the state pension will be made by bringing forward an increase in the retirement age.

Since each years increase produces 4 types of loss to the public it adds up to a major impact.

1. Loss of the pension
2. Loss of interest on the pension income
3. Additional year of paying in
4. Loss of interest or return on the contributions.

That adds up to around a £12,000 loss.

So the FOI questions.

1. What assessments has the treasury made of the losses to the public?

2. What evidence does the treasury have that these cuts are needed?

Given that the ONS have been prevented from calculating the state pension liabilities, and the liabilities are omitted from the whole of government accounts, its hard to tell if the cuts are needed or just defrauding the public.

Yours faithfully,

Nick Leaton

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