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Baptiste GC made this Freedom of Information request to Norwich City Council

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Dear Norwich City Council,

I am currently conducting research for a Masters Degree in Computing, and kindly request you respond to the questions below, under the Freedom of Information Act.
If you cannot provide an answer to one question, please state so and respond to the others.
Q1. What is the full official name of the Authority?
Q2. How large is the Authority in terms of population?
Q3. How large is the Authority in terms of geographical boundaries?
Q4. How many information systems / databases does the Authority use?
Q4a. How many of those are stand-alone (i.e. do not interact with any other information system)?
Q4b. How many of those interact with at least one other system (e.g. using API calls)?
Q5. What services are provided to Residents by the Authority (e.g. Taxi Licensing, Waste, Education, Planning Applications, etc.)
Q6a. Does the Authority have an online portal for Residents?
Q7b. What is the uptake by residents as a percentage within the authority?
Q7. What percentage of services in Q4 are accessible to Residents online using Single Sign On (SSO) on the portal?
Q8. What was the Authority’s annual spend for 2017-18?
Q9. What was the Authority’s annual spend for 2017-18 for software licensing?
Q10. What was the Authority’s annual spend for 2017-18 for payroll of employees, agency staff, and contractors?
Q11. Does the Authority use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System?
(if Yes answer Q12 ad Q14, if No answer Q13)
Q12. If the Authority has a CRM system:
Q12a. When did the CRM system go Live?
Q12b. How long did the implementation take?
Q12c. What were the main obstacles encountered to the implementation? (See "CRM Challenges" below, please state all that apply)
Q13. If the Authority does not have a CRM system:
Q13a. Has the implementation of a CRM ever been considered?
Q13b. If Yes to Q13a., what were the reasons for not proceeding? (See "CRM Challenges" below, please state all that apply)
Q13c. Has the implementation of a CRM ever been planned or undertaken, but subsequently abandoned?
Q13d. If Yes to Q13c., what were the reasons for the failure of the project? (See "CRM Challenges" below, please state all that apply)
Q14. Is the CRM centred around Residents or Properties?
CRM Challenges
Integration of different data sources into a single system
Training users to effectively use the solution
Participation of different departments within the authority
Integration with existing back-office applications
Promoting Usage
Other (please specify)

Yours faithfully,

Baptiste GC

CIVICA MAILBOXES, Norwich City Council

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FOI QUERIES, Norwich City Council


Thank you for your Freedom of Information request.


I have looked through your FOI request which actually covers a number of
different service areas, and I can see that most of the questions that you
have raised can be answered by searching our Publication Scheme and Open
data page on the Norwich website.


For example, there is a section for IT which gives details of the systems
we use, CRM etc, and statistical data can be found under Norwich


If you could have a look on that page first, and then we would be happy to
answer anything that does not appear there through an FOI.




Please quote the reference number PN7494489 in any future

communications relating to this FOI request.

If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request, you have the right to 
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Data protection and information team leader

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The Information Commissioner's Office 
Wycliffe House 
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Cheshire SK9 5AF. 
Telephone: 01625 545 700 
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I will now close your request as of this date.
Yours faithfully

Data protection and information team

Norwich City Council

Email: [Norwich City Council request email]  

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