Current and historical use of underground facilities at Corsham

David Godfrey made this Freedom of Information request to Ministry of Defence

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Dear Ministry of Defence,

Please provide details of any current or recent usage of the underground facilities on the defence estate in the Corsham area.

I am aware of multiple underground MoD facilities in Corsham, including Corsham Computer Centre located in Hudswell Quarry, the former Central Government Emergency War Headquarters (aka Burlington, etc) in Spring Quarry, the Primary Network Control Centre ("PNCC") facility located in Tunnel Quarry, and the former Controller Defence Communication Network ("CDCN") facility at Browns Quarry.

I am most interested in details of the usage of the PNCC and CDCN facilities, specifically, if these facilities are still used in any way, or, if not, when the facilities ceased to be used.

Per the official "Corsham Characterisation Study" created for JSU Corsham in 2008, I am aware that the PNCC facility was described as being fitted out with equipment for ongoing communications operations, therefore I would assume that the facility has been used in some way since 2008.

The facility I have referred to as "CDCN" I believe exists on the site operated for the MoD by Airbus, managing the SkyNet military satellite communications network.

Therefore, in summary, please provide details of the current or most recent use of the historical PNCC underground site within Tunnel Quarry, and the historical CDCN underground site within Browns Quarry. If these facilities have acquired alternative names more recently, and are no longer referred to by the names I have used, please include details of the usage under any subsequent names.

Your help is much appreciated

Yours faithfully,

David Godfrey on behalf of Information Systems and Services Secretariat,

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Dear Mr Godfrey,

Please find attached our response to your recent enquiry.


Defence Digital Secretariat