Current and historical Registers of Interest data

The request was refused by Glasgow City Council.

Dear Glasgow City Council,

Please treat this email as a Freedom of Information request.

I would like to receive a copy of the complete current local authority Register of Interest for all elected politicians in a machine-readable spreadsheet format such as a CSV file, including any additional information that may not be published on your website.

If you hold records relating to historical registers of interest for current and former elected politicians I would be grateful if you could also supply them.

I would also like to receive a copy of the complete current local authority Gifts and Hospitality Registers for all elected politicians in a machine-readable spreadsheet format, including any data that may not be published on your website.

If you hold historical records of gifts or hospitality received for current and former elected politicians I would be grateful if you could also supply them.

Lastly, if you hold a separate register of interests that records those declared at meetings, please also supply that register in a machine-readable spreadsheet format. Again, if you hold historical records of declarations that may not be published on your website, please supply details.

I would prefer not to receive the requested information in pdf format files.

If the requested information is published as open data, please could you supply the location where this data can be found.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours faithfully,

Ally Tibbitt

Customer Care Centre, Glasgow City Council

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Dear Mr Tibbitt,


Thank you for your email received by the Council on 25 February 2020
requesting information under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act


Please find our response attached.


Yours sincerely,




Information and Data Protection Team

Chief Executive’s Department

Glasgow City Council









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Bob Packard left an annotation ()

Glasgow City Council state:

"The Council does hold records relating to the elected members for their registers of interest during the previous 2012-2017 term. It would appear however, that compliance with this part of your request would cost the Council more than the upper limit allowed by section 12(1) of the Act and the fees regulations made under the Act (this limit is currently £600). Accordingly we are unable to comply with this part of your request.

This is because these records and associated correspondence are archived and retained in paper format. To review, copy and redact all associated correspondence as requested would, in our opinion, cost more than the upper limit allowed by section 12(1) of the Act. The staff time charged reflects the true pay scale of the member(s) of staff who would be involved capped at a ceiling of £15/hour per member of staff."

This is somewhat surprising, given that they operate an Electronic Document Records Management System (EDRMS) known as Livelink (OpenText Content Server) which has contained all of the Council's business critical documentation for a number of years.

EDRMS complemented the "paper free" office that GCC introduced as part of their "Tomorrow's Office" programme.

The Council also operates a shared drive in nearly every business area, therefore, it seems highly implausible that the only version of these records which still exist is on paper.

You may wish to request an Internal Review and direct the Council's attention to their own Records Retention and Disposal Schedule [1], which states that they should hold data regarding the registers of interest for Elected Members for ten years (page 17); and has similar provisions for the Register of Gifts and Hospitality and Members Finance information.