Current and historical Registers of Interest data

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Dear Ashford Borough Council,

Please treat this email as a Freedom of Information request.

I would like to receive a copy of the complete current local authority Register of Interest for all elected politicians in a machine-readable spreadsheet format such as a CSV file, including any additional information that may not be published on your website.

If you hold records relating to historical registers of interest for current and former elected politicians I would be grateful if you could also supply them.

I would also like to receive a copy of the complete current local authority Gifts and Hospitality Registers for all elected politicians in a machine-readable spreadsheet format, including any data that may not be published on your website.

If you hold historical records of gifts or hospitality received for current and former elected politicians I would be grateful if you could also supply them.

Lastly, if you hold a separate register of interests that records those declared at meetings, please also supply that register in a machine-readable spreadsheet format. Again, if you hold historical records of declarations that may not be published on your website, please supply details.

I would prefer not to receive the requested information in pdf format files.

If the requested information is published as open data, please could you supply the location where this data can be found.

I look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Yours faithfully,

Ally Tibbitt

FOI Requests, Ashford Borough Council

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We are a district council which provides services to residents in Ashford,
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Our services include keeping the streets clean and collecting rubbish,
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Please note - services including primary and secondary education, roads,
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County Council. If your request falls into one of these categories please
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You may wish to redirect your request to Kent County Council’s Freedom of
Information team who can be contacted at:

·         Email [1][email address]

·         Write to Information Resilience and Transparency Team, Kent
County Council, Room 2.87, Sessions House, County Hall, Maidstone. ME14


If your request relates to any of the above KCC matters but you
nonetheless consider it is within our remit for an exceptional reason
please contact us to discuss the matter further.


Yours sincerely


Freedom of Information Team

Ashford Borough Council


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For more information about your data protection rights please see the
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[2] or contact the Data Protection Officer at, The Data
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Ashford TN23 1PL.







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Ashford Borough Council

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Dear Ally Tibbitt,

Thank you for your recent Freedom of Information request, please find
attached a request for clarification.

Kind regards

Freedom of Information Team

Dear Ashford Borough Council,

Thanks for your prompt response. I am happy to clarify that I am interested in records covering the last five years.

Yours faithfully,

Ally Tibbitt

Danny Sheppard, Ashford Borough Council

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Dear Ally Tibbitt


Please find attached the remaining document for your FOI request – namely
a spreadsheet showing a complete record of all entries on our Gifts and
Hospitality register for at least the last five years (back to 2014).


Kind regards



Danny Sheppard

Member Services Manager (Operational)

Ashford Borough Council

01233 330349



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