Cuadrilla Insurance Cover - continuing validity in circumstances where seismic activity has already been caused.

The request was successful.

Dear Oil and Gas Authority,

This is an application for information to be released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000.

On November 11th, 2018 I sent an email to the OGA requesting urgent confirmation that 'the OGA (had) taken all necessary actions to confirm the extent and continuing validity of insurance cover held by Cuadrilla Resources Ltd in respect of its activities at its Preston New Road Shale gas site.' My specific concern was that Cuadrilla's third party cover in respect of frack-induced seismic damage to local property might be invalidated in circumstances where they continued to operate despite triggering 'Red' level seismic events.

There then followed an exchange of emails in which the OGA denied that it had any obligation to check insurance cover beyond securing a letter of confirmation from the operator. Your final email on the subject was dated 27th November and simply reiterated that position.

The information now requested is as follows:-

1. Has the OGA subsequently made any attempt to further investigate the extent of Cuadrilla insurance cover and its continuing validity in circumstances where seismic impact has already been triggered by fracking operations? If so, please provide details and copies of relevant correspondence.
2. Has the OGA at any time reviewed its legal responsibilities in relation to the public, with particular reference to liabilities that might arise from negligence of the authority in granting approval for (or continuing to allow) 'exploratory' fracking operations with uncertain or demonstrably negative impact? If so, please provide details of any advice received, conclusions drawn and actions taken.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Bales

OGA FOI requests, Oil and Gas Authority

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Dear Mr Bales,

Please find attached the OGA’s response to your request of 28 August.

Yours sincerely

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