Croydon PEO: Tier 1 (General) application numbers (inperson vs legal representatives)

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Dear UK Border Agency,


UKBA provides in person application facility for variety of application types:

UKBA also provides facility for legal representatives to apply for "inperson" applications on behalf of visa applicants:

Can I request you to kindly provide the following numbers:

1. Can you kindly provide the following number of visa applications submitted
TYPE : Tier 1 (General) (including dependents) (Extension and new both)
PEO Office : Application submitted ONLY at Croydon PEO
SUBMITTED BY : In person applications, SUBMITTED BY APPLICANT HIMSELF, NOT VIA LEGAL REPRESENTATIVES (This does not include postal applications)
STATUS : Total number of application submitted (whether successful/rejected/refused/invalid application, etc. is immaterial)
TIME PERIOD : between Jan 2011 to May 2011

2. Can you kindly provide the same number as in (1) but which is SUBMITTED BY LEGAL REPRESENTATIVES (i.e. any one other than applicant himself).

3. Can you kindly also let us know if there is any difference in fees paid for applications via LEGAL REPRESENTATIVES versus applications submitted by APPLICANT HIMSELF? (E.g. for Tier 1 General extension application)

4. Can you also kindly provide information regarding UKBA policy for following:
A. What is the rough number (or percentage) of caseworkers allocated to applications submitted in person versus submitted via legal representatives? This number from UKBA can be Tier 1(General) and Croydon PEO specific.

For questions 1 and 2, it would be fine if the data is not available up till May 2011, kindly provide whatever (maximum) data available since the start of this year.

Yours faithfully,
H Dave

Freedom Of Information Team ( IND ), UK Border Agency

Dear H Dave

Thank you for your email below regarding the above subject matter.

Your request is being dealt with and you will receive a response shortly



Freedom of information act policy team

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Freedom Of Information Team ( IND ), UK Border Agency

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Dear H Dave,

Please find attached the response to your below request.

Yours sincerely,

Freedom of Information Act Policy Team

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Bob G left an annotation ()

I believe there are three ways to obtain an appointment at the Croydon PEO:
- legal representative (email booking 1 or 2 weeks before)
- personal: online booking (12 weeks before)
- personal: phone booking (6 weeks before, but can change depending on any cancelled appointments)

The original requester wanted to know the success rates of using a solicitor, and the UKBA said that about twice as many caseworkers deal with personal appointments compared to solicitors' appointments.

I would like to know how whether it is easier to get an appointment if you have a legal representative as well. I know that approximately 30 legal reps appointments are offered per day.

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