Critical Haemorrhage Incidents & Equipment/Training.

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Dear Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust,

For the purposes of this request a critical haemorrhage incident is defined as:
“A major haemorrhage, normally from an artery, which is likely to result in death within a period of time that may be as short as minutes, because of the rapid internal or external loss of circulating blood volume.”

Please can you supply me with the following:
Q1: The number of instances of Critical Haemorrhage Incidents the trust dealt with in 2020/2021 & 2021/2022 (if financial limits are likely to be hit please contact me before refusal) please include incidents regardless of who they effected (Patients, Staff, Volunteers, Visitors & Contractors)

Q2: Does BHFT have equipment to deal with critical haemorrhage available in wards and other patient areas? If so can you provide a list of this equipment? By equipment I mean Tourniquets, Trauma/Israeli Dressings (not first aid/ambulance dressings) & Haemostatics.

Q3: If Critical Haemorrhage Equipment is available do you ensure staff are trained in it's use? If so which staff is this training accessible too (e.g. Registered Health Care Professional's only, All clinical staff to include HCA's/Support workers, All Staff)

Please only consider this request in relation to Mental Health & Learning Disability Services.

Yours faithfully,

Ben Jones

FOI BHT - Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

Dear Ben,

Thank you for your request for information. We will respond as soon as possible.


Sandra Henderson
Executive Administrator
Corporate HQ Administration Team

2nd Floor, Fitzwilliam House, Skimped Hill Lane, Bracknell RG12 1BQ

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FOI BHT - Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

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Dear Ben,


Please find attached our response to your Freedom of Information request.


Kind regards,


Nicole Stewart

Freedom of Information Officer/ Executive Assistant

Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust








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