Crime statistics for Reading Festival

The request was successful.

Jonathan Bourne

Dear Thames Valley Police,

I would like to have a breakdown of all reported crimes at Reading festival for the last 5 years.
Please provide the data in a csv or excel file.
If 5 years is not available please give me the most recent years that are.

Yours faithfully,

Jonathan Bourne

Public Access, Thames Valley Police

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Dear Mr Bourne

Please find the attached response from Thames Valley Police to your request for recorded information.


Darren Humphries  | Public Access Officer
Joint Information Management Unit | Hampshire Constabulary & Thames Valley Police
Telephone 101 or +44(0)1865 542051 | Address Thames Valley Police Headquarters, Oxford Road, Kidlington, Oxfordshire, OX5 2NX

Information Management Helpdesk:
Hampshire        [email address] / 02380 479580 (internal 4631754)
Thames Valley   [email address] / 01865 542051 (internal 300 6329)

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