Dear Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency,

We are trying to locate the final report arising from the CReSt research study commissioned by QCDA evaluating the 11-19 reform programme. Please could you supply the final report resultant from this work?

Yours faithfully,


Info Compliance, Qualifications and Curriculum Development Agency

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Dear AQA

Please find attached the response to your request below.

Jane Howard
Freedom of Information and Data Protection Officer

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John Cross left an annotation ()

"I confirm that this information is held by QCDA. However, we note that you have made your request via the What Do They Know website, which means that our
response will automatically be published on that website, effectively publishing the report without QCDA's permission as the copyright holder. We are not therefore willing to respond to the email address above; however, we would be happy to provide you with a copy of the report if you supply us with an alternative address.

You should also note that the right of access under FOIA entitles a requester to a copy of the information requested. It does not allow the requester to further use or disseminate that information in a manner that would be unlawful. Since QCDA is the copyright holder, any further use or dissemination of the information contained within the report will require permission from QCDA."

Ganesh Sittampalam left an annotation ()

There's now a copy of this available on WDTK, albeit with some slightly annoying watermarking: