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Dear Environment Agency,

Can you please provide me with a full list of the Eligible Organisations with regard to CRC. ie those that you require to have registered with the CRC by the 30th September 2010.

Yours faithfully,


Enquiries, Unit, Environment Agency

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Enquiries, Unit, Environment Agency

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Dear Keith

Thank you for your enquiry regarding obtaining information of a list
of organisations eligible for CRC Registry.

We are able to provide a list of potential participants for the Carbon
Reduction Commitment. I have attached a copy of this list to this email
for your reference.

We have also published three lists of CRC registrants on our website to
show the progress of the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme. These lists will be
updated on a regular basis:

list of registered participants
list of corporate information declarers
total of non corporate information declarers
Organisations that are on the corporate information declarers list are all
limited companies and PLC's.

The non corporate information declarers are organisations of individuals,
public bodies, and partnerships. These types of businesses do not have to
make their data publicly available which is why we can only publish a
number and not their individual details.

The information comes from the data inputted into the CRC Registry by the
registrants and is published in line with the requirements of the Freedom
of Information Act and the Data Protection Act.

To access these lists please see our website at the following link:


I trust this information is useful to you, please do contact us again if
you require any further details.

Kind Regards

Sue Vizard
Customer Service Advisor
National Customer Contact Centre
Environment Agency
08708 506 506

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