Cowley LTNs - cost of deploying

Richard Parnham made this Freedom of Information request to Oxfordshire County Council

This request has been closed to new correspondence. Contact us if you think it should be reopened.

Response to this request is long overdue. By law, under all circumstances, Oxfordshire County Council should have responded by now (details). You can complain by requesting an internal review.

Dear Oxfordshire County Council,

On 23 January 2021, I requested "the most expansive possible breakdown of costs
associated with the installation of the three low traffic neighbourhoods around Cowley, Oxford."

In response, I received information regarding:
1) Third party consultancy fees for road safety audits and analysis of the
consultation = £8,413 +VAT
2) The costs associated with resident engagement to date are £9,452.00 + VAT

However, I did not receive details relating to:
3) The cost of deploying the necessary infrastructure - planters, barriers AND any IT costs associated with granting exemptions for taxis etc.
Please provide an itemised breakdown of these costs, if possible.

4) The costs associated with monitoring traffic flows, pollution, congestion levels etc - internal and external costs. Please provide an itemised breakdown of these costs, if possible. AND The estimated budget for dealing with post deployment residents' engagement and feedback evaluation (including IT setup costs).

At the time, I was informed that "This information in relation to both these questions (3 and 4) is not currently held. We would expect this may be known in the coming weeks and could be requested at a later time."

I am now repeating my request for the above-mentioned missing information (3 and 4), in the hope that it is now available. Please provide me with it as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Parnham

Richard Parnham

Dear Oxfordshire County Council,

I an still waiting a request for this information, which is now overdue. Please supply me with it.

Yours faithfully,

Richard Parnham

FOI Team, Oxfordshire County Council

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Dear Mr Parnham.

Thank you for contacting Oxfordshire County Council.

I can confirm that your request 17807 EIR was emailed to you on 19 February 2021, within the statutory deadline.

I have attached a copy of the final response for your information.

Kind regards
Renata Malinowski

Freedom of Information Support Officer
Email: E&[email address] and [email address]

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