COVID Winter Grant Scheme

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David Butterfield

1. How did you distribute the COVID Winter Grant to vulnerable families, i.e. cash, food parcels or retail supermarket vouchers?
2. Did you use this grant to distribute financial support to families of children eligible for free school meals?
3. How many children were eligible for Free School Meals and how many children claimed financial support via the grant scheme?
4. Did you use the grant to distribute support to other vulnerable families / individuals and if so, which groups, i.e. homeless etc.?
5. If using supermarket vouchers
(a) which supplier(s) did you use to distribute the vouchers?
(b) how did you choose a supplier?
(c) what were your top 3 mandatory requirements for the service?
(d) did you coordinate the ordering to all beneficiaries/recipients, or was access delegated to schools to administer and order?
(e) did you enter into a direct contract with the supplier or call off via a framework?
(f) when does your contract end?
6. Following Government's extension of the COVID Winter Grant, will you continue to fund Free School Meal vouchers in May half-term and summer holidays?
7. Which role(s) and job functions manage the contract for this service?

Somerset County Council

Information request
Our reference: 7819585


Dear Sir/Madam
Freedom of Information Act 2000
Thank you for your request that we are processing under the Freedom of
Information Act.
Before we are able to provide you with the requested information we
require your full name to proceed. Please could you provide this
information so that we may proceed with your request.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours faithfully

Christopher Burge
Information Request Apprentice
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David Butterfield

FAO Christopher Burge

Hello Christopher,

Thank you for your prompt response.

My FOI request has been submitted via the voluntarily-run website WhatDoTheyKnow with all appropriate due diligence including my full name, David Butterfield, which appears at the top of this enquiry.

I'm sorry if this hasn't been made clear enough.

Enjoy your weekend,

David Butterfield

Somerset County Council

Somerset County Council Information Request Team
Information request
Our reference: 7819585

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