Covid-19 data for South West and Wiltshire

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Dear Office for National Statistics,

Following the announcement of a second national lockdown in order to protect the NHS by the Prime Minister, and comments regarding the NHS in the south west made by Chris Whitty, I have tried to find the data and modelling. I have written to my MP, who does not have it, PHE, Public Health Wiltshire, DHSC, and NHS England. Given that this was one of the reasons for the national lockdown, please would you be able to let me know the following or where I can locate it.

1. From the weekly Wiltshire data that I have been tracking, there has been an increase of the prevalence of Covid-19 infections in the county. With the purpose of the lockdown to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed, please would you send me, or let me know where I can find, the data you have for COVID-19 infections in the over 60’s in Wiltshire from September until 4th November.

2. Chris Whitty and the Prime Minister have both said that without a national lockdown, hospital capacity in the south west would be exceeded in a matter of weeks, without substantiation. Please would you send me, or let me know where I can find, the up to date projection of regional hospital capacity, substantiated by data and/or modelling. I have been through the government powerpoint slides from 31st October and made internet searches, and can’t see this information.

3. Businesses have done everything asked of them and invested heavily to make their premises Covid-19 safe. Track and trace has been in operation for months. Based on the tracking data collected, please would you provide, or let me know where I can find, a breakdown of Covid-19 transmission, by establishments , in Wiltshire.

Thank you very much for your time.

Yours faithfully,
Marie Fitzgerald,

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Dear Marie


Thank you for your email requesting data pertaining to COVID-19 infection
data in Wiltshire.


I am writing to confirm that the Office for National Statistics has now
completed its search for the information which you requested and the
response can be found here:



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