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P Dixon made this Freedom of Information request to Coventry City Council

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The request was partially successful.

Dear Coventry City Council,

At the council meeting on 24 January, the following was noted in item 12

High quality light rapid transit such as a tram network has the best chance of attracting car users in order to maximize patronage, however the cost of a traditional tram system such as Metro is likely to be prohibitive. The feasibility of a bus based rapid transit system like “Sprint” has also been assessed and is considered not viable for Coventry. As a more viable alternative there is potential to use an innovative lower-cost technology, such as Very Light Rail, which could bring the costs significantly down to a more realistic level.

Please can you provide:

The assessment of the feasibility of a bus based rapid transit system in Coventry.
The assessment of Very Light Rail that shows it is more viable
Any analysis that shows how the money allocated of £57m has been reached
Any work into the initial route that is being proposed

Yours faithfully,

P Dixon

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Based on comments made in item 12 of this meeting agenda

Freedom of Information Portal,

Dear Sir / Madam

REQ02323 - Environmental Information Regulations 2004

Thank you for your Email requesting information under the above
legislation, which we received on 06 February 2017. We will respond to you
within 20 working days of the date of receipt.  If there are any problems
with this request that may delay the response, we will contact you.

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Dear Coventry City Council,


Please can you provide an update with regards to my EIR request that you acknowledged on 6 February?

Thank you for your help

Yours faithfully,

P Dixon

Information Governance, Coventry City Council

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Dear Sir.

Further to your email, please see attached response to your request.
We apologise for the delay.

Kind regards

Information Governance
Coventry City Council
Room 64 Council House
Earl Street

Tel:  024 7683 3323
Functional Mailbox: [1][email address]

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