Covenants relating to the college campus

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Dear Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College,

I believe there are restrictive covenants relating to college campus land, in both Marple and Cheadle.

Can you provide me with the following information under the Freedom of Information Act?

1. When were these covenants applied to the college campus land?

2. Who applied them to the college campus land?

3. What is specified within these covenants and why?

4. How would these convenants impact any sale or change of use of the land ?

Yours faithfully,

Neil Corrie

Andrew Hubert, Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College


The covenants date from 31/12/1925 and are as follows

1) To pay an annual sum to the Public School at Marple of £1.00.

2) Not to erect on the said land any messuage fronting Hibbert Lane shown on the plan attached to the 1919 Conveyance (we do not have a copy of the plan) or fronting an intended Street of 12 yards wide also shown on the said plan on the same side of Hibbert Lane for a distance of 50 yards from such Lane of less yearly value than £27.00 or fronting Hibbert Lane on the north westerly side thereof of a less yearly value than £20.00.

3) Not to erect or suffer to be erected on such part of the land adjoining Macclesfield Canal any Mill Manufactory or any building to be used as trade works.

4) Leave open and unbuilt upon the spaces of 6 yards to form the halves of the said intended Street off Hibbert Lane and also another intended Street of 12 yards off Church Lane.

5) There is an obligation to contribute to one half of the expense of forming paving, flagging, draining and sewering the intended Streets.

There are also rights in favour of the Local Authority to
1- use parts of the Hibbert Lane site for purposes of providing adult education
2- use the leisure centre situated within the Hibbert Lane Site
3- use the Youth Club situated within the Hibbert lane Site


Andrew Hubert
Director of Finance and Resources

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Dear Andrew Hubert,

Many thanks for the covenant details concerning the Hibbert Lane campus. Are you able to provide copies of these covenant texts, perhaps scanned in ?

No mention was made of covenants on the Buxton Lane or on Cheadle campus. If any such covenants exist there, could you provide their details and associated copies of the texts ?

Yours sincerely,

Neil Corrie

Miss marple left an annotation ()

It was my understanding that the land could not be used for trade? Did you miss that out ?