Dear Worcestershire County Council,

Please kindly supply a list of each course mandatory by law issued to your employees and volunteers working in libraries over the past 24 months.

Definition of 'mandatory': Must be completed if the staff or volunteer wishes to continue with you.

Scope of 'mandatory': This is only courses which the law tells you are mandatory.

Definition of 'employee': An individual hired by an employer to do a specific job in exchange for a wage/salary.

Definition of 'volunteer': A person who donates his/her time or efforts for a cause or organization without being paid. A person who works in a soup kitchen for free is an example of a volunteer. A council would have volunteers in various roles such as cleaning the streets, helping in museums, providing computer tuition or other activities in libraries (all without payment).

You recently kindly provided us with this list of courses from wider scopes so we would expect the results to contain some of these:
Corporate Induction
Equality & Diversity
Fraud awareness - Doing the right thing
Fire safety
Freedom of information awareness
Health & safety awareness
Introduction to Data Protection
Safeguarding Children
Safeguarding Adults

Some of the above information has been formulated as a result of clarification requests.

Yours faithfully,

Lee Jefferson

Do not Reply - Worcestershire County Council, Worcestershire County Council

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Request For Information #377895

Dear Lee Jefferson

Request for Information – Freedom of Information Act 2000 / Environmental
Information Regulations 2004 

Thank you for contacting Worcestershire County Council.  I acknowledge
receipt of your request.

Your request is being considered and we will contact you within the
statutory 20 working day timescale from the date of receipt .

Yours sincerely

Information Access Team

Corporate Information Management Unit (CIMU)
Worcestershire County Council
[Worcestershire County Council request email] 

This email address is not monitored , please do not reply


Worcestershire County Council

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FOI Request Response

Dear Lee Jefferson

mandatory by law

We have completed our response to this Freedom of Information Request,
please see the letter attached for further information.

Yours sincerely,
Purchase, Lesley (Res, Financial Services)

Worcestershire County Council

This email address is not monitored , please do not reply


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