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John H Hutchinson made this Freedom of Information request to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,
My reading of

suggets that under S8 (1) (a) & (b) the Hoylake Golf Resort should be a "Key Decision" but it is not.

The amount being sought to fund certain additional works is in excess of £500,000 and it was not previously agreed by Full Council, suggesting that WMBC Constitution item 13.3 Types of Decision (i), (ii) (a) and (b) was breached.

I would also say that under "The Local Authorities (Executive Arrangements) (Meetings and Access to Information) (England) Regulations 2012"

a S18 report is required.

With expenditure, so far, being around £1 million, which many would regard as not insignificant, and with so many Wards (ALL according to Council's own committee briefing documents) being affected, why is Hoylake Golf Resort considered a Non-key Decision item?

Please can you supply e-links to the appropriate committee deliberations and decisons taken?

Is not WMBC in breach of its Constitution?

My requests for clarification have not received a reply from Director of Law, hence this FoIA request.

Yours faithfully,

John H Hutchinson

ScarletPimpernel left an annotation ()

The draft minutes for the Hoylake Golf Resort item (Cabinet meeting of 7th November 2016) are on Wirral Council's website here .

John H Hutchinson left an annotation ()

Thank you, Scarlet Pimpernel, I am aware of the draft minutes but they do not supply the answer that I am seeking.

John H Hutchinson left an annotation ()

I forgot to say that Council pledges around homes, jobs and health and well-being will not be met by a golf resort for the privileged and wealthy.

The statement that Wirral would be the only Council in the Country to have a Nicklaus Golf Course, is untrue.

InfoMgr, FinDMT, Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

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Dear Mr Hutchinson,

Wirral Council thanks you for your recent request made under the Freedom
of Information Act. We can confirm Hoylake Golf resort is a ‘Key Decision’
and this information is also published as part of our Publication Scheme,, on our [1]forward plan.  Please find information at the
following links:








Thank you for your enquiry, we trust that you find this information of

Yours sincerely,

Tracy O'Hare

Information Management Officer

Records and Information Management

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Wallasey Town Hall

Brighton Street
CH44 8ED 

[6]Tel:0151 691 8397

Transformation and Resources

[7][Wirral Borough Council request email]




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ScarletPimpernel left an annotation ()

Wirral Council is like Schrodinger's Cat.

The cat was alive (non-key decision) but now you've made a FOI request and the box has been opened it's dead (key decision).

Amazing eh? (especially considering it's what the information is at the time of your request, not what they change it to later!)

Dear InfoMgr, FinDMT,
thank you!

Yours sincerely,

John H Hutchinson