Councillors - Procedures when unable to perform duties.

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Dear Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council,

I am writing to ascertain the following:

If a councillor is unable to perform their duties:

What procedure is in place to ensure the council 'day to day' activity remains functioning ?

Are the councillors subject to the same procedures as an employee of the council, when on a prolonged absence? for example - interviewed to ascertain if they can continue in their role?

In view of the current economic climate, where every pound makes a difference, at what point would the council feel it is in the best interests of the community (council tax payer) to request a councillor step down from their role(s)?

Do councillors have regular medicals to ensure they are fit for office?
If the councillors have medicals are they funded by the council or their political party, to which they have allegiance?

Yours faithfully,

Wayne Tully

Yours faithfully,

Wayne Tully

Freedom of Information, Knowsley Metropolitan Borough Council

Dear Mr Tully,

Thank you for your email received on 11 January 2017 requesting information about members procedures.

I have recorded your request for information under reference F2017.01.3100.

This has been passed to the relevant service and you will receive a response by 8 February 2017.

In line with guidance published by the Information Commissioner’s Office, the council may make a charge for the provision of information – for example in order to cover the costs of postage (in line with the relevant postal charges) or charges for printing and copying (which will reflect photocopying charges levied by the council’s public libraries) or if this falls within the regulations of an EIR (Environmental Information).

You will be informed if a fee is to be applied before information is to be provided.

If you need further information please contact me.

Kind regards,

Freedom of Information
Knowsley MBC
Archway Road
L36 9UX

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Wayne Tully left an annotation ()

Freedom of Information request F2017-01-3099 and F2017.01.3100

Please accept my apologies for the delay in responding to your two recent
Freedom of Information Requests (F2017.01.3009 and F2017.01.3100). Whilst
you submitted two separate responses I have provided a complete response
to both enquiries which I trust is acceptable .

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