Dear Rother District Council,

Can I please request, in the form of a spreadsheet such as Excel or CSV file, an itemised list of all council nurseries, the number of staff and the number of children in each nursery.

To include,
The name and address of each nursery
The number of children registered in each nursery
The number of teachers in each nursery*
The number of other nursery staff (e.g. nursery assistants, etc)*

*For teacher and other nursery staff numbers please include staff numbers from the years 2015 to 2019. Please include the number of teachers and other staff under separate columns for each year. E.g. Year - 2015, Number of teachers, Number of Other Nursery Staff and so on.

If this request cannot be met within the cost limits for Freedom of Information requests, please can you provide me with advice and assistance on how I may refine my request.

Yours faithfully,
Aimee Stanton

foi, Rother District Council

Dear Ms Douglas

Thank you for your request. However, as a District Council we have no child care responsibilities and therefore do not hold this information. The relevant authority is East Sussex County Council who can be contacted as [email address].

Freedom of Information Manager

Rother District Council
Town Hall
Bexhill on Sea TN39 3JX

T: 01424 787000
E: [Rother District Council request email]

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