Costs & Penalties for Bus Lanes

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Dear Department for Infrastructure (Northern Ireland),

Since its inception to date, please provide details of the following in relation to the Belfast bus lane scheme.

1. The total cost of installing bus lanes within the boundaries of Belfast city. Please break this down by each area (i.e. Newtownards Road, Oxford Street, Chichester Street)

2. A breakdown of costs for monitoring unauthorised use of bus lanes by the public (i.e. the bus lane cameras, associated monitoring vehicle & the staff to monitor)

3. The amount raised by PCNs / court action for misuse of the bus lanes, again broken down by each area.

4. The total legal costs incurred with regards to notices challenged by the public and any court actions against the department in relation to bus lane penalties.

Yours faithfully,

Mr K Nicholls

DfI Roads Parking, Department for Infrastructure (Northern Ireland)

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Dear Mr Nicholls,

Please find attached response to your Freedom of Information request below.


Hugh Larmour

Department for Infrastructure
Parking Enforcement Unit
Clarence Court
10 - 18 Adelaide Street

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