Costs for staff carparking

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Dear Northern Ireland Housing Executive,

1. Please provide the following information applicable during May and June 2016
a. The total cost to NIHE for staff car parking, broken down by each site/location
b. The number of contracted parking spaces provided by a third party company
c. The total cost of contracted parking spaces
d. The total cost for staff car parking in non-contracted spaces to access their usual place of work (exclude car parking away from the office for business purposes), and the reason for the NIHE paying for this.

2a Please provide a break down of grades of the number of which contracted car parking is currently allocated to.
2b Please provide the criteria the NIHE uses to determine who/which grade is allocated a car parking space paid for in full/part by the department

Yours faithfully,

Kerr Nicholls

Marshall, David, Northern Ireland Housing Executive

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