Costs for Head office / Strathmore--Salaries / benefits in kind

Waiting for an internal review by South Tyneside Homes of their handling of this request.

Dear South Tyneside Homes,

Would you please forward me details of the costings for your Head office Strathmore such as cost of lease for building, term of lease and duration.

Would you please inform me what STH pays to South Tyneside Council for business rates for Strathmore.

A breakdown of the salaries of the Executive management team including individual benefits in kind or any other benefits each individual receives.

A breakdown of all payments to all Board member including benefits in kind and expenses.

Copies of the agreement / contract with South Tyneside Council to operate as an ALMO on their behalf including any clauses for breach of contract.

Copies of the termination rights of South Tyneside Council if STH breaches the contract in any material manner.

Deatails of all cars owned by STH for staff use and the purchase price or the costings of each individual hired / leased cars to STH.

The cost of the private number plates which STH purchased for its new electric cars.

Please forward me copies of any letters / emails to STH from South Tyneside Council which have reffered in any way to STH breaking or potentially breaking the terms of its contract with the Council.

Please provide me with details of the total costs of salaries expenses last financial year for all staff based at Strathmore only, not any other departments or locations.

Please provide me with a list of all employees declarations of benefits / hospitality ( football matches / restaurants / events etc ) etc from contractors or potential contractors / customers from January 2008 to date.

Yours faithfully,

John Robertson

Dear South Tyneside Homes,

Would you please advise me what would be acceptable to request from the list which I forwarded to you,

Yours faithfully,

John Robertson