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Alastair Taylor made this Freedom of Information request to Improvement and Development Agency for local government

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The request was successful.

Dear Improvement and Development Agency for Local Government,

I would like to know all the costs associated with the creation and development of the Knowledge Hub for the Communities of Practice platform. Specifically I would like to know how much development, marketing and communication has cost.

I would also like to know the costs for the marketing video for it (found at the following link: )

Yours faithfully,

Alastair Taylor

Improvement and Development Agency for local government

Dear Alastair

Thank you for your request made under the Freedom of Information Act
2000 on Monday 21 February 2011. We will endeavour to respond to your
enquiry within 20 working days.

We will process your request in due course, but should you need to query
anything further, please email [1][IDeA request email] quoting Case

Kind Regards


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Improvement and Development Agency for local government

Dear Alastair

We apologise for the delay in responding to your request on the 21
February. We will endeavour to respond by the end of next week - sorry
again for the delay.

Kind Regards


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Info, LGA, Improvement and Development Agency for local government

Dear Alastair

Thank you for your Freedom of Information enquiry (dated 21 February 2011)
requesting costs for the development, marketing and communication of the
Knowledge Hub platform. Please note that the LGA is not covered by the
provisions of the Act, but we always try to deal with such requests within
the spirit of the legislation.

The Knowledge Hub is the next step in the development of the Local
Government Group's highly successful Community of Practice (CoP)
initiative. It is a platform for building professional networks in the
local government sector. It uses Web 2.0 Social Networking models to
encourage individuals to create connections to experts and others
interested in their fields of interest. These networks will allow for
professional development and growth in knowledge through sharing and

Knowledge Hub seeks to encourage the transfer of knowledge by several
means. Key points are:
. It is a professional networking tool for people working in local
. It encourages the development of personal knowledge networks by the
. The principles are to connect, share and learn with others through
following others' activity, connecting with them directly and forming
. It allows for single purpose project groups and subject based learning
. There will be provision for publishing data and linking data with
national datasets
. There are data visualisation and comparison tools; these will be
extended as the project develops.

Providing the tools for sector led improvement and self-regulation is the
rationale behind this project and represents a significant improvement on
the current Communities of Practice platform.

The costs below represent expenditure on the specific items requested
during financial year 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011.

Development and support

PFI Knowledge Solutions (PFIKS) were procured in accordance with OJEU to
develop the Knowledge Hub platform. The supplier provides open source
solutions which means that all code developed on behalf of the LG Group
for the Knowledge Hub will be made available to the developer community.

A post contract managed service of Knowledge Hub is provided by Liberata
within a LG Group Shared Services Agreement.

Item Detail Cost
1 PFIKS Developer Project establishment and specification £34,000
2 PFIKS Developer Platform development £194,000
Total Developer Costs £228,000

Item Detail Cost
1 Liberata's Data Centre set-up costs (three yrs) Creation of additional
capacity in Dual Data Centre environment and network to agreed
specification £172,000
2 Liberata support Implementation of software development on Liberata's
platform, together with on-going Product Manager support (help desk and
web service(s) capability £150,000
Total Developer Costs £322,000

Marketing and Communication

Targeted marketing and communications have been essential for generating
sector interest and explaining the benefits of the new Knowledge Hub.

Item Detail Cost
1 Promotional Video Visually accessible introduction to the concepts
behind Knowledge Hub. Available on the website for download and presented
at various conferences and workshops. £15,000
2 Publications/flyers To promote Knowledge Hub more broadly £5,000
3 National and Regional networks, workshops To raise awareness and support
councils in benefits of social media to engage with local communities and
users £10,000
4 Conference (March 2011) Formal introduction of the Knowledge Hub with
Department for Communities and Local Government involvement. Interactive
workshop sessions to engage users in the development process. £5,000
Total Marketing and Communication Costs £35,000

I hope that this helps

LG Group

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Chris Taggart left an annotation ()

The response seems to cover only payment made from 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011. I thought the project predated that (and so there were presumably costs prior to that period).