Dear Royal Opera House,
What are the main central government subsidies received per year in pounds, taking this financial year as an example?
What are the other headings that a taxpayer should know about, but require more detailed explanation?
John Robertson

Christopher Millard, Royal Opera House

Dear Mr Robertson

All the information you require should be here:

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Christopher Millard

Director of Press and Communications, Royal Opera House

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John Robertson left an annotation ()

Registered accounts page 14 and 15 of the pdf are probably scannable for optical character recognition. This is the company's own summery of their two-page accounts given in an introduction. I've paraphrased. The Arts Council of England spends £28m or about a third of the cost of productions. 0.7m of this is from an Arts Council fund called Sustain and there are also donations from people on behalf of their shareholders and a tiny bit of interest on reserves.

£28m buys more
• new work
• artist development
• craft excellence
• education
• access
The company also claims to provide a zillion pounds of benefit to the UK economy for each 1p spent or such - I was just skim reading but it looked like the London Fashion Week statement which has little or no evidence to back it up and seems to persuade politicians every time. There's probably a template statement online at a legal stationers somewhere which these organisation adapt.

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