Cost of Wirral SHMA and Housing Needs Study 2016 by NLP (Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners)

NJT Lauro made this Freedom of Information request to Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

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The request was successful.

Dear Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council,

Please can you publish the cost of the Wirral SHMA and Housing Needs Final Report, May 2016.

I am curious to know why it has been necessary to engage an outside consultancy from Manchester to report on data that must already be known to professionals working within the relevant departments. David Ball, whom I have had a personal meeting with in the past, seems extremely knowledgeable on the subject of housing needs, but surely he cannot be the only person within WMBC with the sort of detailed working knowledge needed to crunch the data?

Of course, the cost of this report may be quite reasonable and have provided better value for money than engaging people employed within the council. However, without a cost figure, we will never be able to make an assessment about the prudency of the expenditure.

Yours faithfully,

NJT Lauro

InfoMgr, FinDMT, Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council

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Dear NJT Lauro


Further to your recent Freedom of Information request, the Council's
response is as follows.


The Strategic Housing Market Assessment and Housing Needs Study was
commissioned from Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners (NLP) for £47,020 from an
original estimated budget of £60,000.

The contract was extended by £500 to extend the analysis, to include an
additional scenario related to the economic forecasts produced by Oxford
Economics for the LEP; by a further £500 to purchase the more up-to-date
Experian projections in December 2015; and by £8,000 to take account of
the latest 2012- based household projections published in February 2014
and December 2015, under Contract Procedure Rule E111.

This resulted in a total spend of £56,020.


Yours sincerely



Lynette Paterson

Senior Information Management Officer

Records and Information Management

Legal Services

Transformation and Resources

Wallasey Town Hall

Brighton Street



CH44 8ED 

Tel: 0151 691 8201

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